Stephen Miller is a senior advisor to President Donald Trump. Prior to his current appointment, he was the communications director for then-Alabama senator Jeff Sessions, who as of February 2017 is Attorney General of the United States. 

Staff members on Capitol Hill recall Stephen Miller, the 31-year-old White House adviser behind many of President Trump’s most contentious executive orders, as the guy from Jeff Sessions’s office who made their inboxes cry for mercy.

As a top aide to Mr. Sessions, the conservative Alabama senator, Mr. Miller dispatched dozens and dozens of bombastic emails to congressional staff members and reporters in early 2013 when the Senate was considering a big bipartisan immigration overhaul. Mr. Miller slammed the evils of “foreign labor” and pushed around nasty news articles on proponents of compromise, like Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Trump signaled his appreciation for Miller’s performance on Twitter.  “Congratulations Stephen Miller- on representing me this morning on the various Sunday morning shows,” he wrote on Sunday. “Great job!”

That horrified Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, two media figures who have waged war on Miller after Trump signed the executive order to restrict immigration and travel from high-risk countries in the Middle East.

“The White House has got to stop embarrassing themselves by putting this guy up. … That is the worst performance of anybody — that made Susan Rice the Sunday after Benghazi look smooth,” Scarborough said on his Monday morning show.

After playing a highlight clip of Miller’s performance, Scarborough threw up his hands and dropped his pen in horror as Brzezinski appeared speechless:  “It’s so much worse than I ever thought,” Scarborough stated.

Brzezinski mockingly referred to Miller as a “lad” and began a hashtag campaign on Twitter to throw him out.

“The Steven Miller interviews this morning on all the Sunday shows were frightening!  Sorry Mr President. No.. A really bad sign,” she wrote. She continued, “If the WH thinks that is a person they want to put out front-it’s beyond sad for our country. First KellyAnne now this..embarrassed for USA.”

The senior White House adviser Stephen Miller has been making stunning statements all over TV lately, like this one on “Face the Nation” on Sunday:

“The media and the whole world will soon see, as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

That line alone was enough for Mr. Miller to become Public Enemy No. 1 with a few late-night hosts on Monday.

“The only way that statement could be more terrifying is if he yelled it in German.” — SETH MEYERS

“What’s up with ‘will not be questioned’? What does that mean? It’s less like an argument and more like a line from ‘50 Shades Darker.’ ‘I will not be questioned!’  — TREVOR NOAH

“‘Will not be questioned’? Let me test that theory: What the f*ck are you talking about?” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Mr. Colbert went on to challenge Mr. Miller, who had told George Stephanopoulos that he would go on “any show, anywhere, anytime, and repeat it, and say the president of the United States is correct, 100 percent.” Mr. Colbert invited Mr. Miller onto Tuesday’s show.

COLBERT: If you don’t show up, I’m gonna call you a liar. And if you do show up, I’m gonna call you a liar to your face.

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