Kellyanne Conway, once the most visible spokesperson for the Trump White House, was sidelined from television appearances for a week for making statements that were at odds with the administration's official stance, White House sources told CNNMoney on Wednesday.

Conway, who is scheduled to appear on Fox News on Wednesday night, has not given a television interview since early last week. On that Monday, she told MSNBC that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had the president's "full confidence." Hours later, Flynn resigned.  The following day, Conway claimed Flynn had offered to resign, even though White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump had asked Flynn for his resignation. 

Those statements, which came amid existing public scrutiny over Conway's credibility, led the president and his top advisers to conclude that her appearances were doing more harm than good for the administration, the sources said.  She was "off message," a White House source said.

She on the other hand is known as the ‘Bitch On Wheels’ and not afraid of taking on the media spinning faster than a whiling dervish who just got goosed by a cattle prod.  She is an American Republican campaign manager, strategist, and pollster. She is President and CEO of The Polling Company Inc. / Woman Trend, and has been a political commentator on CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, and more and has Donald’s ear.  

She also invents phrases like ‘alternative facts’ which is a nice way of saying, ‘I will be lying through my teeth and you are supposed to believe the horseshit I will be throwing at you’.  She ranks high on the Scumbag list with T-RUMP and lying comes as easy to her as it does to T-RUMP.   Lying is harsh, mis-informed, brainwashed and speaks then thinks might be more accurate.

Conway was repeatedly questioned about Spicer’s "provable falsehood" by Chuck Todd on Meet The Press.  She angrily responded: “We feel compelled to go out and clear the air and put alternative facts out there."  “Alternative facts are not facts, they’re falsehoods,” he replied.  The Jacobs Political Dictionary sees “Alternative Facts” as defined as a Really Big Fuokin Lie”

The other blonde player carrying lots of weight is TRUMP’S daughter, that adds to the mix of opinions and causes.   With his daughter adding to the fray, most likely at one point anyone on that team, especially Mr. Priebus might get drawn and quartered.   

Being Jewish, my favorite expression is, and it comes from long discussions at my family’s dinner table,  ‘What do you have with five Jewish advisors’.  Ans:  Six opinions!  What do you have with TRUMPS closest advisors...chaos!  And soon my prediction is they will start killing each other with kindness.  In this case “Kindness is defined as using a sharpened knife instead of a dull one”.  

With TRUMP playing the game and removing Barrack Obamas Presidential Orders without any ideas of consequence or whom it might hurt, without a backup plan especially in the health market which is tenuous at best.  He is off to a bad start. Guided by  someone with the word CON  right in her name.

She is a CHIEF adviser to Donald Trump and defended his controversial travel ban by citing a terror attack which never happened.  Ms. Conway also coined the phrase ‘Alternative Facts’, referenced the ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ after responding to a question about the President’s executive order.

What is the ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ and what did Kellyanne Conway say about it?   Conway made the remarks during an interview on MSNBC while discussing the President’s travel ban.

She said: “President Obama had a six-month ban on the Iraqi refugee program after two Iraqis came here to this country were radicalized  and they were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green Massacre.

She added: “Most people don’t know that because it didn’t get covered. ”But it soon emerged that the attack didn’t get covered because it never actually happened.

The White House aide was referring to the arrests of Iraqis Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi – who lived in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  In 2011, they were arrested after sending money and weapons to terror group al-Qaeda in Iraq.  They also admitted making homemade bombs while living in their native country which were used against US troops.

During an earlier conversation, Conway said she intends to remain connected to Trump once he takes office but implied that it would be nearly impossible for her to take on an official White House role and be a mother to her four children, all of which are younger than 12, at the same time

“I do politely mention to them the question isn’t would you take the job, the male sitting across from me who’s going to take a big job in the White House. The question is would you want your wife to,” Conway said, describing conversations she’s had with male colleagues. “Would you want the mother of your children to? You really see their entire visage change. It’s like, oh, no, they wouldn’t want their wife to take that job.”

In context, it appears Conway was saying that the men she spoke to said they wouldn’t want their wives taking a White House job, and that she might not take a job because of her children. She certainly never implied that all women with children should not have role in the White House.  She has four children under twelve.

And based on her criticisms which come fast and furious because she spins so much, she may have already showed her hand and her exit strategy. She really has botched beyond belief a few interviews and her statements carry little weight.

Meanwhile,  following reports that CNN had refused to accept White House counselor Kellyanne Conway as an interview guest this past Sunday due to concerns over her credibility, Conway showed up on The Lead this afternoon to speak with anchor Jake Tapper.

The conversation immediately became contentious and heated when Tapper confronted Conway over President Donald Trump’s claims that the media has ignored and not reported on certain terror attacks. He further took issue with the list that the White House sent out, highlighting that the press covered the vast majority of the attacks they cited and that some were, in fact, given heavy coverage.

By the way, she needs a vacation. On TV this week she looks weathered and sickly, maybe her conscience, that sense of right and wrong is catching up with her. You can only believe in make believe for so long.  She helped TRUMP get elected and when  Humpty Trumpty falls off the wall she might get landed on with egg all over that face.

Joe Scarborough was a guest Tuesday night on Colbert’s “Late Show” and he seemed eager to explain the decision to ban President Trump's White House counselor from his show last week.

“It got to a point where Kellyanne would keep coming out and everything she said was disproven like five minutes later,” Scarborough said. “And it wasn't disproven by a fact-checker — it was somebody else in the administration that would come out and actually say well, actually no, that's not true.”

“There's a quicker way to say that entire sentence,” Colbert replied. “She just lied.”

Scarborough, a former Republican congressman from Florida, is the host of “Morning Joe.” Co-host Mika Brzezinski said earlier this month that Conway tries to book herself on the show, but “I won't do it, 'cause I don't believe in fake news or information that is not true. … Every time I've seen her on television, something's askew, off, or incorrect.”

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