MORE - POLITICAL BULLSHIT:  The GOP-controlled Senate is expected this week to vote on the border security proposal pushed by President Trump to help end the partial government shutdown. This plan would give Democrats temporary protections for DACA recipients in exchange for Trump’s $5.7 billion funding request for a border wall. 

Democrats call the plan a non-starter, and it's not expected to pass the Senate. The Democratically controlled House will hold votes this week as well on funding measures to reopen the parts of the government that are closed. 

Those are expected to pass the House but be DOA in the Senate. It all means the nation is no closer to an end to the shutdown nightmare, now 32 days old, that left 800,000 federal workers furloughed or working without pay.
Billions of dollar in trade for a promise the other side may never keep.  It thats the art of the deal it a frickin waste of time.

POLITICS - Democrats are asking for an official justification from the Trump administration of the demand for $5.6 billion in wall funding and border security.  Never happened... You want money, tell us how and put it in writing as to how it will be spent!  Tough to answer since everything TRUMP does has to be scrutinized since he robs everybody, fake taxes, fake foundations and lies. He steals from charities...whom he promises and doesn’t deliver.  True scumbagism!

Democratic staff in the room also said it will grow increasingly hard to start formal negotiations with parts of the government closed, a Democratic source familiar with the discussion said. But administration officials rejected the demand, the source said.

STINK TANK - Temporary Chief of Staff Mulvaney told CNN’s Jake Tapper that they “ did not make much progress” at the meeting, adding that he thought Democrats were “ actually, in my mind, there to stall.”   Not true!  Tapper said they did not order the shutdown nor were they there to stall.  More frickin lies from the clones...  Mulvaney called Saturday’s discussion “ productive.  So was his last bowel movement. 

Adding that it was “ Beneficial” to have Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen  “ Finally be able to outline the crisis at the border in detail without interruption, given her prior efforts were cut off by Democrat leaders.” 

MORE LIES AND LIARS - Here we go again, more lies, she is nothing but a T-Rump clone, scared and in fear of TRUMP.   Useless as her executive powers are nil, equal to her talent,  just a figure head and not even good at that.  Usually there is no interruption,  she is so party line boring, no one is listening. She won’t stand up to Trump...

Trump said during the meeting Friday that he was prepared to keep the government closed for an extended period of time, according to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who told reporters that Trump said,  “ He would keep the government closed for a very long period of time -- months or even years.”  In that case we’ll lock all the toilets in the WhiteHouse and turn it into a shithouse.


Federal employees all 870,000 and more, by now a million if it keeps should take note that the real scumbag this season was their Presidential leader who had a temper tantrum pissy-fit.   He should be judged as a traitor.  It was not the will of the people.  Pissy-fits are a condition of tantrum usually found only in three to five year olds, occasionally found in delusional and depression anxiety at later stages in life.  The man is sick, and delusional, he needs help...

When you build a Medieval wall you can be sure the siege folks already know how to go over through or under it. The wall is thinking by a third grade intellect in a 70 year old ignorant body working on keeping a base and wasting billions of dollars. Dollars not be paid to innocent federal workers and he doesn’t care.


Border Patrol agents in Arizona thwarted some clever drug smugglers and dismantled a drug catapult used to launch marijuana into the United States from Mexico.  

The catapult was attached to the top of a border fence near the Douglas Port of Entry, which is about two hours southeast of Tucson, Customs and Border Protection officials said in a statement Tuesday. The device appeared to be constructed of square tubing and a heavy spring welded together, with rope tied around parts of it.

The design portion was attributed to the pumpkin throwing contests held in the mid west.

The contraption was powerful enough to sling two bundles of weed -- weighing a combined 47 pounds -- into the United States from Mexico.

There are many variants of this device, some trailer, some truck mounted and they all work. One device powered by a compressor and a large tube does sixty pounds on one throw.  

In January, officers in Pharr, Texas, seized $789,467 worth of marijuana in a shipment of key limes. They used a K-9 narcotics team and thermal imaging to find the 3,947 pounds of weed that had been stuffed into more than 34,000 fake limes.

Last year, authorities at the same border crossing discovered 2,493 pounds of marijuana that had been disguised as carrots. It took two Ford pickup trucks to haul away the phony carrots, which the CBP estimated were worth almost a half-million dollars.

Questions arose as to what the wall will look like.  His critics want to know if Donald builds the wall,  will it include moats and drawbridges, and can we place archers high on the ramparts?  How much extra for boiling oil dispensers, and the Black Plague Virus?   And we’ll certainly need diaper deflectors. 


The wall is not the answer, the wall is his political death because it’s all about him.  Its old like his ideas.  He would have been great in the days of Hitler and Mussolini, Stalin and Castro.  All DEAD but their corrupt legacy’s live on thats why he has to be stopped now. 

I fear for him, his unstableness and no one in the WhiteHouse, the Generals were thought of as guard rails.   If I were him, I would be more realistically concerned about living longer.  Sooner or later thoughts, really bad thoughts will enter into the minds of whom he is stepping on.  

Walls mean nothing, he is pressing the wrong people too many ways, and when it comes and I think it’s a matter of time... it might be really bad.  We have 340 million people and 270 million guns in this country.  Look back in time at Rome and the Caesars, many died by the sword... Look at the facts, good people were assassinated for a lot less than Trumps actions.  The Gandhi’s, the Kennedy’s, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, McKinley and others all were for the people.  Herr Trump is not.
He is for Donald J. Trump alone, when he tells you how much he loves his country, thats what he means... it’s his.


We are not paying for the wall.  The present President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador, doesn’t care about the wall and former President of Mexico Vincente Fox in a more positive manner has stated many times he is not in the wall business.

‘No way Gringo, we are not paying for the friggen wall’...  And I said, 'You rock El Presidente Vincente’   You told that schmuck off!  

Vincente was the President of Mexico and while visiting Texas at George Bush 43’s ranch, they got into a conversation about horses.  George did not know that  Vincente is an avid enthusiast of the Mexican Charro (sometimes called dancing horses) and at some point later Vincente described  ‘ George Bush as a pickup truck cowboy’.  He does not hold back.

69% of the Americans do not want that wall.  It was more of his bullshit promise’s you made to those weak minded GOP base idiots  and Evangelical supporters you have.

Next time, as sooner or later folks wake up from the ether, many will rejoice maybe at your impeachment, funeral or  assassination, the wall issue will be dead, the timing is wrong, you were using it for political rhetoric and now you are in the toilet over it shutting down the government.

So you should not make promises you can’t keep even if they are stupid enough to believe you and the blames and excuses you use for failure.  You are a looser, a rich looser who wins by cheating.  “ The Art of the Deal should be the new version coming out soon called  “The Fart of the Spiel”.  You,  Mr. President can count on one thing, sooner or later the people will revolt against you. 


Hypothetical, Donald T-Rump pushes someones nuts far enough to take him out with an assassination, or a firing squad is used for being a traitor.  Please be frugal, use a minimum .338 Lapua Round, preferably something in the a .50 cal range and have Vice President Pence and Senate Leader MCConnell, Senator Grassley and Whip McCarthy standing directly behind him, like five in a row, holding him up and supporting him... They backed him and they deserve the same. It’s the moral thing to do, and collateral damage is not that important to Donald but its very frugal and expedient.

NO MAS, NO MAS There is a reason Donald Trump will never testify in court even if they subpoena him and drag him into court. Before you testify you are told  “WE WANT THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH”.  Not a good idea for TRUMP... He can’t spell ‘ Truth’ and has no idea what it means.  

Most likely he will gag at that point,  start gasping, the Lord might intervene and will send a bolt of lightning and will strike him dead, or his hair will start to burn and toast his brain already diminished by gallons of Diet Coke which can rot the ganglia of nerve cells in the smallish brain he has and it can also can take paint off a car.  

Donald doesn’t understand truth, it’s not part of his DNA, he lies over and over again to cover his lies with more lies, then calls it fake news. There is little fake news, thats the big lie right there.  Most things said about TRUMP are the truth, and he is no good with truth.
Hopefully I have made that point clear and thats the truth....

THE WORLD IS BURNING  -  Donald J. Trump came into the office aimed to set the world on fire... He did, and the frickin world is still burning, but it’s all about him, he hates everything and everybody who is not on his side... some call it a back-side. 

GUN CONTROL  --  Now we know Donald will do nothing about gun control.  Thats a bad move for him.  He should be quite worried about all those military style powered rapid fire rifles floating around.  Add Russian collusion with the NRA, with the gal spy who pled guilty and will most likely be deported.  It occurred to me the odds:  And he better give this some consideration. 

350 million or so Americans and Illegals...who live in the United States, most are legal enough to own a weapon, but bad guys don’t register their guns... all of the 250-275 million guns are not registered or legal. Millions are not traceable

He is popular with his base but thats getting edgy, hated about 68% of the American people hate him and more after the shutdown... And it only takes one person and one bullet between the eyes and the rest of the numbers don’t matter.  

ED:  It is not my style nor thoughts thereof or preferred choice, for settling or elimination of political matters, by a bullet.  In war I had to shoot someone with good reason, they were trying to kill me.  I’m being realistic,  ” I prefer T-Rump just drop dead from Diet Coke Poisoning”.  

THE SWAMP -   And you can’t argue the fact he did get rid of the swamp, but why did he replace it with an open-air cesspool?   No answer, thus there is the possibility the nuts may fall close to the tree, but in this administration, his family represents “ Sh*t falls close to the ass”  

COMMANDER IN BULLSHIT  - Lets face it, Trump has full command of his ship, so did the Captain of the Titanic... and his bases are covered, many fools work for Trump, in the Webster dictionary look under FAMILY or FIENDS  He has taken it further he commands the entire armed forces. This is a very dangerous situation...

YOUR FUTURE -   And if you work for him while you researching your future with Donald,  think of JOB Security... You might stand a chance getting another job in Washington if you worked for Trump and were fired for insubordination, or talking to the press with truth.  You will then be safe, staying will be very toxic to your resume.  

You will get fired for asking Donald’s confidant Kelly Condom Conway what exactly is  “ Alternative News” ? Why the condom nickname?  She needs one on her tongue, it’s a contagious source of misinformation, lots of bad news, untruths, lies and bullshit come from it. 

Then ask Sara Notawara  “What time is it”?   And getting in response   “ I’ll have to get back with you”.  Tell her please don’t!   She’s still learning how to tell time.

When you consider TRUMP had to get Rudi Giuliani to be his representative media lawyer you realize he has chosen not only the bottom of the barrel but the dirt beneath the barrel.  As if that isn’t bad enough, they hit a sewer pipe!  Just ask Rudi if he still cross dresses, weird...   

It’s more than the concern of the damage Donald will do in the last two years of office. A few things are evident all revolving around the deficit, the 17 investigations, the flip flops of former consorts, and conspirators.  He is under a lot of pressure as his world is being autopsied.

Simply explained, working for Trump is a toxic move if you intend to stay or live anywhere near Washington, Virginia or in some way be involved with a government position. 

Some opportunities do exist for former employees of the
T-RUMP debacle.  They may seek employment in the District Of Columbia, Department of Refuse.  Their  Street Pickup Division is looking for a  “FEW GOOD MEN”. 

Our Fuehrer and Entertainer in Chief took his road show all over the world and just about managed to just about screw up everything.  To hear him tell it, “ He killed’ em” !  

True but not the way you might have expected.  His speech to the United Nations, Hong Kong, Paris, twice, England, Germany...  all well covered by lies and more lies and at the UN they laughed out loud at him.  He killed it all right, kiss most relationships goodby.

The only possible way some of those allied countries respect us again would be with a full formal apology and someone entering the UN Building with Trumps head still bleeding on a stick.

But that was not the story he told the American people.  Telling Americans how great he was, well the consensus tells us he did kill it, right, he did kill it in a different sense, and it will take decades to fix it.  He went FUBAR every time Air Force One stopped on the trips abroad and enough FUBARS to keep FOX news in business.

You should read the foreign press. They were not kind... Insults, couth of an outhouse, no manners, disgusting, unsuccessful deals, splitting our allies, The real Press reports what a really sick man Donald Trump is and the destruction of this country by him.  They did their job, his attacks on the press don’t work there.  

The job of the PRESS  is to protect the people by sifting and selection of truth, not fabrication and lies our politicians are capable of.  Sorting the wheat from the chaff, not really in this WhiteHouse, it’s sorting the bullshit of today from yesterday’s bullshit.  More lies..

Fact:  he blames everyone but himself - just like Adolf Hitler did.  He blames the Democrats, how frickin stupid can people be to believe this... if the GOP ruled both the House and Senate and used obstructionism and not moving on Democratic bills please show me how can the Democrats be the problem.  More Lies, Lies after Lie, and More Lies, the man is sick.

This is simple, if all the news 24/7 is all about Trump then the information brewing has to be coming from Trump.  It’s not coming from Boris and Natasha, Jesus, Gandhi, Alfred E. Neuman, Boris Badinoff, Emma Kazinsky, Counselor Troi, or Goofy of Mickey Mouse fame.  His thoughts do come from Lenin, Hitler and Trotsky, Stalin and others who down through the ages hurt a lot of mankind.  He admires some of the worst scumbags of the century, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, Mohammed bin Saud, Duarte, and others. There are a lot of dead people that will back that statement.

WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS --  But the effect will be brutally nasty for us as who would be stupid enough to walk into the chaos and mess he has created;  Who is smart enough to fix the physical damage he has done to the environment, school systems, housing;  Who can draw a partisan government together to secure and repair infrastructure, and immigration. and Medicare;  Who will solve the riddle of Medicaid, Medical Insurance problems, OPIODS/Fentanyl problems;  

Who can put the trust back in the DOJ, the FBI related organizations, our Judicial system and reunite them as truthful and not just political favored hacks;  Who, and this is a great challenge, will have the ability to encourage good people to get into government after this ass-clown has polluted Washington with the worst bunch of handpicked scumbirds and losers ever in the history of the country.