As we predicted, secret service nicknamed ‘Brunhilda’ is the new mouth for the press corp spewing the TRUMP line, not the party line, the T-Rumps line, since Sean Spicer is leaving his post as Donald’s press-yes man thus avoiding cardiac failure and a double hernia having to carry the weight of Donald’s lies.

At this point in the Game of Thrones, basically the cabinet sitting on toilets in a huge circle, he is lucky for eventually and he knows the dragons will come and burn the whole friggen mess down.  He’s getting out because he knows this FAKE administration will blow up and he does not wish to become collateral damage.

In 2016, after mis-managing her father Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign, in which the bass player, TV political star and the toad load of Evangelical Jesus freak bullshit blew out in the first round by voters who had blown him out two other times.  (Beware of false prophets)  He wasn’t that good a bassist either.

She signed on as a senior advisor for Donald Trump’s 2016 No-Truth Presidential Campaign, handling the Trump campaign’s fake news communications for coalitions.  

Many thought her going to work for TRUMP would be easy as working for one egotistical jerk to another is basically a simple transfer.  And they were right!  She is doing a wonderful job as covering for the bombastic idiot in the WhiteHouse by simply explaining his really stupid comments with her stupider ones or playing dodge ball with answers stressing she hadn’t asked the President about it, so according to simple Journalistic questioning, the real question is, “What the F*ck does she do all day and why do we have these useless press meetings.

In a recent WhiteHouse Press Conference when asked 42 questions she replied, “ I didn’t ask him that”, “ we have no record of that “, “ I was not aware”,  ” the President doesn’t recollect”, and other babbled answers , 44 times.  She is as useless as  “boobs on a boar hog”.  About the size of one, she comes across as an arrogant bitch and is not enamored by the White House Press Corp who waste all day getting no answers.  She also has a non cooperative demeanor or a sense of looking down at the reporters.   What a friggen waste of energy!

Unfortunately the coalition building went like a Southern Christian bible-thumping holy roller devout wedding in a biker bar.  She was promoted for loyalty, not talent, and recently promoted since TRUMP destroys more coalitions than he creates she became the White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary -  alias... “ Sara Nota Wara”.  A famous princess who also never answered a question till they fed her to a pack of wolves.  Her dumb answer most commonly used was, “ I was not aware”!

“Brunhilda”  (her nickname) is perfect for the job.   It will not take her long to become well hated.  She’s 80 percent there.  Many of the press corps have had bad dreams over her, some even imagining her being run over by a TV truck and redemption when filming it live.   

A movie and stage critic thought she might be perfect for the movie role of the life of Brunhilda the Queen. (c. 543–613) who was a princess of the Spanish Visigoths who married the Merovingian King Sigebert I of Austrasia, part of Francia.  Clothar II, who in 613 defeated Brunhilda in battle and had her executed by being pulled apart by four horses. We don’t do that today, we would need to use four HumVees in her case.

And “ Sanhilda” the CIA code name for Sara Huckster Sanders, the  big mouthed daughter of Mike “ Bass Player” Huckabee another evangelical nutcase, wins the Alfred E. Neumann award for “What me worry”.

Her win was solidified, really solidified, by the unanimous hatred of the press corps for her.  Her incompetent work ethic was outstanding.  She spent the day driving an asphalt truck patching up all the holes Donald put in the pavement of normalcy. 

The election provided the capstone to a year of tumult inside the GOP, and at a time when the party controls the levers of power in Washington and states across the country, the Alabama campaign was one more reminder that this is a party facing a major identity crisis and no easy answers for how to resolve it.

Trump suffered mightily after fully embracing Moore in the final weeks of the campaign, despite credible allegations that Moore had engaged in sexually improper behavior with teenage girls when he was in his 30s.  TRUMP felt,  so what?  

President Trump’s tweeting Tuesday morning set off the usual scramble among White House reporters for all manner of clarifications and amplifications. Look at the tweet, and it’s not hard to understand why:

Ever the self-proclaimed “counterpuncher,” Trump was tweeting in response to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s call for his resignation over sexual-assault allegations. In turn, Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) called the tweet a “sexist smear.”


A chance to corner the president on this matter arose as the president participated in a signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, with a crew of reporters on the scene in what is known as a “pool spray.” CNN’s Jim Acosta was there to witness the moment. 

After Trump signed the document, he got up and began walking out of the Roosevelt Room. Acosta asked: “Mr. President, what did you mean when you said that Kirsten Gillibrand would do anything for a campaign contribution?”Good question! The president turned his head with a glare and proceeded to exit.  No answer.

Acosta told CNN colleague Wolf Blitzer about how desperately the White House wanted to sidestep that uncomfortable encounter. “In the moments before I asked the president the question in the Roosevelt Room as he was signing the National Defense Authorization bill, the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, pulled me aside — this was prior to me asking that question of the president.

And she warned me that if I asked the president a question at this pool spray, as we call them, that she could not promise that I would be allowed into a pool spray again,” said Acosta. “Wolf, this was a direct threat coming from the press secretary to me, warning me not to ask a question and, of course, I went ahead and asked the question anyway and the president did not respond. But Wolf, as you know, we don’t respond to threats, we’re not going to be intimidated.”