“The State of the Onion reflects the tears that come from
dicing onions, by a President who seems to live in dicey deals...”

📢   The Poem Putin sent to Donald Trump...before Helsinki

Your twits and tones won’t break my bones and names will never harm me
But nukes, troops and cruise missiles might possibly alarm me.

Your claims and bravado from one who never gave his country service,
I laugh, your much bragging and self adornment falls short of a Whirling Dervish
Spew all the junk, the flim and flam, please claim fake all that you can,
Since my superb hackers  just delete all your spam...
 Be aware, my friend, I was trained by the KGB,  And we got all the hacks free by the DOD
So be kind to me and kiss my ass, for a scumbag like you,  I’m way above your class.

                                                                 Your Fiend, 

       Vladimir Putin

President Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin has underscored the grip the Russian president has on his US counterpart, writes David Frum in The Atlantic. We don’t yet know why Trump is behaving this way, Frum says, but America is clearly facing a national security emergency.

“Denouncing the EU as a ‘foe,’ threatening to break up NATO, wrecking the US-led world trading system, intervening in both UK and German politics...it adds up to a political indictment whether or not it quite qualifies as a criminal one,” Frum writes.

“America is a very legalistic society, in which public discussion often deteriorates into lawyers arguing whether any statutes have been violated. But confronting the country in the wake of Helsinki is this question: Can it afford to wait to ascertain why Trump has subordinated himself to Putin after the president has so abjectly demonstrated that he has subordinated himself?”

Trump’s foreign policy revolution. Critics should not expect as much pushback from Republicans as they might hope for. After all, Trump is revolutionizing the party’s foreign policy  right here at home, Fareed argued in Sunday’s Take.

“Trump's political genius continues to be that he recognizes that the base of the Republican party is ripe for this ideological revolution, that while the old Reaganite formulas may still be subscribed to by Republican elites in Washington and New York, it is not embraced out there in the grass roots.”

The Real Bombshell in the Russia Indictments.  Friday’s Justice Department indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence agents will have made for particularly uncomfortable reading for the Kremlin, writes Leonid Bershidsky for Bloomberg. Russia seems to have underestimated America’s spies. 

The real bombshell is “the investigators’ apparent ability to link specific actions, such as searches and technical queries, to specific officers of the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence service. By making these connections, Mueller’s team has made an enormous leap from the US intelligence community’s previous disclosures,” Bershidsky writes. “Russian military intelligence appears to have been seriously compromised. Regardless of where the knowledge leads Mueller, the GRU appears to have underestimated what it’s up against in the US In this cyberwar, the US is not a powerless victim but a formidable rival.”

Has America Stopped Fighting to Win?  Largely overlooked by the US public, America’s military appears to have shifted strategies in some of the world’s hotspots, suggests Paul Staniland for The Washington Post. Resolving conflicts is out,
“ Violence management” is in.

Under the violence management approach, the “goal is disrupting militant organizations without trying to build new states, spur economic development, or invest heavily in post-conflict reconstruction,” Staniland writes. “But violence management does not offer a clear way out, either – it pushes hard questions about how to allocate political power and create durable institutions into the indefinite future.” “As long as the US government can limit the domestic costs of violence management overseas, few Americans will have incentives to pay attention to these low-level, far-flung wars.”


How to Beat Team Trump at Trade: Do Nothing - The European Union and China might be tempted to respond to the Trump administration’s tariffs in kind. If they do, they’ll likely end up hurting themselves even more, writes Alan Beattie for the Financial Times. Better to work more closely with like-minded nations and let the United States sink itself.

“In the classic 1980s cold war movie WarGames, a computer tasked with working out the optimal strategy for nuclear confrontation concludes that ‘the only way to win is not to play.’ This analogy is by no means precise: that outcome relies on an assumption that the other player is trying to avoid destroying themselves. But the message it arrives at is similar,” Beattie writes.

“Matching Mr Trump tariff for tariff will at some point become counter-productive. If the US no longer wishes to anchor the world economy, it may be better for other governments to get on and supplant it rather than using trade restrictions to try to force it back to its former role.”

The Irony of Frances World Cup Victory -  Emmanuel Macron was happy to lead his country’s celebration of its World Cup triumph. But there’s an irony in the win, writes Antony Blinken in The New York Times. Even as immigration helped fuel France’s success in Russia, the country is failing dangerously to make it work at home.

“Macron will probably get an immediate and welcome bounce in public opinion polls, where he has taken a beating after ramming unpopular but necessary labor and tax reforms through parliament,” Blinken writes.

“But the image also underscores the profound irony of the moment. That France now celebrates Les Bleus (as the national team is known) from the suburbs and the successful integration of immigrants into its soccer machinery cannot hide the fact that the country is in the midst of a larger integration crisis. 

The banlieues are rife with riots, drugs, crime and high youth unemployment. As in much of Europe, anti-immigrant sentiment is a driving force in French politics, feeding the success of the extreme right National Front party.”   “The larger test for Mr. Macron is whether he can do for the banlieues what the banlieues have done for French soccer.”


What to Watch This Week -  EU leaders are expected to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo on Tuesday to sign the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. Such deals are the best way for the EU to show that there’s multilateral life beyond Trump, suggests Paul Taylor for Politico EU. 

“The EU should build a web of free-trade agreements with like-minded nations and regional groupings, while working with China to open up investment and curb intellectual property theft through negotiation rather than punitive tariffs,” Taylor says.

Turkey is on Wednesday expected to end the state of emergency imposed by the government after the failed 2016 coup. Meanwhile, per Reuters: The government “issued presidential decrees on Sunday reshaping key political, military and bureaucratic institutions as part of the transformation to a powerful executive presidency triggered by last month’s election.”


Some of President Trump’s rhetoric about NATO is undoubtedly dangerous, but that shouldn’t distract from the biggest danger to the organization.  US policy so far has not reflected Trump’s tantrums for now it’s still in his grandiose blohardisation.
US forces remain in Poland (and Germany, for that matter) and the sanctions on Russia for its annexation of Crimea, meddling in Eastern Ukraine and its interference in the 2016 US election remain.   The US has supported the accession of Macedonia into NATO and sold Ukraine anti-tank missiles,” Lake writes.

The weak link in the alliance, in fact, is Turkey. Here is a country slipping into the sphere of influence of Russia – the very country that NATO was created to deter.  In December Turkey finalized a deal to purchase the S-400 air defense system from Moscow. Also Greece and the Chinese have purchased this system

The S-400 system, with the NATO codename SA-21 Growler, is made up of four different missiles with varying ranges, and entered service in 2007. 

It can destroy aircraft, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, and can also be used against ground targets. The longest range missile, which travels at Mach 15 (11,509 miles per hour) can engage targets at around 250 miles and at an altitude of over 98,000 feet.

The S-400 outclasses the US s primary anti-aircraft missile system: the MIM-104 Patriot. First introduced in 1984, the current iteration has a maximum range of approximately 43 miles, with a ceiling of just over 79,000 feet. The system also only supports one missile, compared to the S-400’s four.


 In April the Turks broke ground on a Russian-made nuclear power plant. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan…has recently held talks with Putin to discuss the future of Syria.”

The US president calls the European NATO members freeloaders. He declined at last year’s summit to reiterate the entire point of the alliance, that an attack on one is an attack on all. 

He praises Russian President Vladimir Putin, and has arranged to meet him after dressing down the allies in Brussels this week.

Ideally, this week’s NATO summit would be an opportunity for the US president to cajole European allies into presenting a unified opposition to Erdogan’s conduct. There is no mechanism for kicking a member out of the alliance, but Turkey should at least begin to feel some pain and pressure for its drift toward Russia.

President Trump’s suggestion that other NATO countries boost defense spending to 4% -- twice the currently agreed figure – misses the point, It’s not that allies should be spending more, it’s that America needs to spend less.  “The threat of Russia actually invading the Baltic states is very small. And Russia poses basically zero military threat to larger NATO members like France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. 

The far larger threat to Europe is ideological. It’s rising authoritarianism.

President Trump’s trip to Britain was marked by protests. But Britons need to accept reality, He’s the President of the United States, and Britain still needs America.  (Still he doesn’t have to act like a pr*ck)  Prayer is needed, lots of prayers from all faiths including witch doctors and faith healers that he might get hit by an errant Golf ball.

Forget the woolly, sentimentalized rhetoric of the ‘special relationship,’ we are talking hard national interests here. The plain truth is that the US is our single most important partner and ally and President Trump is its democratically elected leader.” And possibly the hopes and prayers of our people that Donald should have a severe and permanent heart attack might change things,...OMG that would make Mike Pence President.  How can he function, Michael needs a large ass to kiss and praise?

Markets took a tumble Wednesday after the Trump administration said it was preparing a new round of tariffs on Chinese goods. But if the US is hoping to put the brakes on China’s economic rise, then the truth is that that ship has already sailed, suggests Adair Turner for Project Syndicate.

“China’s rise is now self-sustaining. A huge and increasingly affluent domestic market will make exports less vital to growth. Rapidly rising wages are creating strong incentives for best-practice application of robotics, and China’s companies are becoming cutting-edge innovators in artificial intelligence, electric vehicles and renewable energy,” Turner writes.

“And President Xi Jinping’s ‘Made in China 2025’ program will help foster a shift to high-value manufacturing supported by Chinese domestic R&D. Even if the US now slammed the trade and investment doors shut, it would make little difference to China’s rising economic and political power.”

•  There’s a problem with President Trump’s regular complaints that the United States is being taken advantage of by other countries, The New York Times editorializes: America is no trading angel, either. Look no further than the President’s complaints about Canada.

•  “American dairy quotas and tariffs are so restrictive that the vast majority of the milk, cheese and butter families in the United States buy is made domestically. In fact, dairy producers in Wisconsin and other states sold $792 million in products to Canada in 2017, while Canadian producers sold just $149 million of dairy to the United States, according to the Brookings Institution,” The New York Timesnotes.

•  Trump thinks that it’s in his interest to paint America as a victim of cunning foreigners. That much is clear. It’s far less obvious why he believes that countries he has subjected to such baseless attacks will negotiate favorable trade agreements with a President who has shown he can’t be trusted.”  No one likes dealing with someone who brags about how good he can screw you.



I support the role of a true President and leader of this country. Duly elected , legally and with no collusion, trickery, gerrymandering, nor Evangelical bullshit interjection. Freedom of the Press to report the Truth. 

I do not support Communists, Leninists, Marxists, Right Wing Lunatics, Tea Pots and Parties, and TV fake news celebrities with absolutely no real credentials other than they work for FOX news, Breightbart, or any no-accredited agency with false credentials and content,  who create phony news on TV.  Eg. Fox (Faux) News.

I also support televised Public Hangings, The Electric Chair, the Firing Squad, Shark Tanks, or Kim Jung UN’s favorite, a pit with 120 underfed dogs.  Trump can really pick them, we thought Putin was bad, assassination of his competition, but Putin does it with radioactive poisons, Kim literally blows them to pieces with a KPV, 4 banked anti-aircraft gun with a 14.5 mm round.  He used poison on his brother in an airport,  and made sushi of his uncle with the machine gun.  They didn’t bury the Uncle, they had to scoop him up,  probably used as fertilizer or fed to the dogs.  ( This really does occur there)

The mandatory death penalty for (Complex) or school murders, those involving children, nothing less than mandatory death penalties.  No lawyer intervention with fixed panels creating a plea bargain, with one person objections. I don’t care how young the shooter, he didn’t care about how old his friends were.   

For most serious of all crimes against children or pedophilia, such as kidnapping, rape, fondling, the answer is castration required for sex offenders, and I’m not talking chemical, I mean surgical removal of the gonads.  Some lesser crimes, floggings, it works in Singapore. And a few good floggings, pants down for those deserving it for petty crimes of stupidity and mischief  basis.  

I am not soft on crime, nor am I hard on crime, I believe the crime warrants the punishment.  And screw the lawyers making a ton of money with fake defenses and the death row is a joke as many take 20-30 years and the lawyers get paid.  It stinks! Just like garbage sitting around.  Good for nothing except costing the good people a lot of money which goes to the attorneys.  

In Europe most executions of a no contest capitol nature are thirty days. (no contest means no question about the crime, and the punishment, like they got it on film and DNA).   And from what I understand some prisons overseas, many would prefer a firing squad.

I do not support the fake pretender we have in the White House, the mental misfit currently renting the nations best summer and winter home.  He should be evicted.  Possibly hung for his lies to the people, the cheating, lies to Congress and his denigration of the Executive Office, the FBI, and the Judiciary.

And when one has a bad leader he has a natural ability of picking bad associates.  I do not support the idiot Attorney General making Bible quotes and taking children from their mothers. 

Please include the Cabinet Appointees, really they are just incompetent visitors, they won’t last and the slime ball clowns and clones of the Congress will find some other incompetent ass-kissing jerk with money to fill the spot.

It is the largest collection of corrupted,  greedy, self indulged liars and cheats with not even a nuance of any moral character serving the nation as Cabinet members. 

They are not the GOP, they are the party of Trump, running scared, at every statement they make and adding the ball-less, cowardly lying, bribed, bullshitting, fake, impotent Congress men and women with loyalty to money and bribes instead of doing what their constituents really want to happen and using them as pawns.

There is no Republican Party anymore, It is the party of Trump which is so close to Leninism/Marxism.  Heavily coated in Hitler philosophy, carefully crafted by Steve Miller and supported by cowardly clones like Jeff Sessions.   A party used as a tool by an egocentric Leninist who has a narcissistic messiah complex and a fair amount of bigotry thrown in.  Simple, you can’t have bullshit without a stink. And his lies and tactics set the stage for those of the party.  And they are all starting to stink.

When someone robs a bank, and harms someone, all the conspirators and the driver are equally guilty under the law.  The same should be with the GOP now. I call them “CRAP” the Collusion of Corruption, Fraudulence, Arrogance and Profiteering.

Led by a person who has operated with these virtues all his life.  Donald J. Trump is a bully, corrupt, a liar, he has ruined lives, a con man and a womanizer with enough trash to make Weinstein look like an amateur.  He has over 3500 lawsuits clogging the courts in NY for those he never paid for work done on the TRUMP towers and other projects.   And this is just a microcosm of Trumps faults.  This entire section is all about him.

The swamp is still alive, it changed its flavor, many see it as a huge septic tank.  And well thought out,  only T-Rump added so many incompetents to  handle things.  Pruitt, Carson, Mnuchin, DeVos, Neilson,  Perry and the biggest disappointments with VP Pence, Trumps personal on the fly five start ass-kissing merchant of agreeable dialog.

We compound the mess by the adding the GOP hierarchy of schmoozing,  useless, bullshitting, scumbag, self indulgent, leadership icons in power like Ryan, McConnell, and others who rose to fame in economics that feed the rich more and screw the middle class.  Especially McConnell whose sole purpose in life is not the will of the people, it is the will of the dollar and his power.  They are leading this country down  the rabbit hole.  Actually we are there in the maze and no one has the roadmap.  

And lying on a daily basis to the American people.  Paul Ryan is one of the worst.  Most outright liars speak from both sides of their mouth, somehow he has four sides and they are The Trump Side, The PR Side, The Conservative Side, The Evangelical Side.

Our GOP is ball-less, afraid to anger and receive the scorn of a madman they helped to elect.  Their COWARDICE to stand up to Trump handed the party to him, lock-step and hand salutes because they are making more money than ever.  They stood by when the Fake President damned Judges and the Judiciary, the Intelligence Community, Immigrants, Neighbors,  and Friends alike and literally blew up any coalitions we had.  

It will come back to haunt us and all the deals he is making is not for the public, it is for him and the rich who are getting richer and that extra thousand off your takes this year will go down as you watch the gas when filling your tank.  Or when your insurance doubles, keep cheering for T-RUMP, you have been screwed and will get worse.  Just watch what happens to prices of general goods and consumer needs with his trade tariffs.

 07-2018 aljacobsladder.com