NOTE: Some pictures here are very graphic, I do not wish to offend, but they relate to the pain and suffering when good people especially the young are killed by negligence, ignorance, and stupidity...of the adults around them whose job was to protect them,  and in some cases worse as another innocent child involved may suffer from the guilty consequence for the rest of their life.  In all these cases the BLAME falls on the parent period, no excuses.

In almost all the cases with the exception of mass murders, terrorists and the demented, an act by an adult of negligence resulted in the loss of a child,

I write about many topics, and there are no sacred cows.  But nothing hurts me more than to hear of accidents and incidents that could have been avoided and are mortal to our children.  

I cannot keep it in, this is so hurting not only to those involved but to those who care about others, especially about the children who will not see another day in their young lives because of a failure by a parent, an adult or someone in politics that was heavily bribed by the gun lobby namely the NRA.  

The NRA is the prime arm of the gun lobby.  They BRIBE the politicians to support the gun manufacturers and protect them from any and all congressional action against gun control.  Then the politicians now owned by the NRA refuses to listen to his or her constituents of their district and even the NRA members in their districts who voted and agreed that, who agreed more control is needed and positive controls about gun storage and safety.

Please...  save the kind words, this is so friggen wrong and nothing but greed and arrogance, a lack of caring, and selfishness from the top down, into the heart ( if there is one) of the Republican party.  It’s all about the money.  Some get rich and some die.  

IDIOTS BEHIND THE WHEEL It’s a social issue, the guns are not the problems, as the expression goes, it’s the idiot behind the wheel, the finger on the trigger, and gross neglect.  Weapons don’t have brains, children don’t know consequence, and neither do some of the parents. 

They don’t “go off” of their own accord. They go off when left around, when accessible, when someone not mature or trained gets his or her hands on one, when parents are neglectful.  When you read some of these accounts, you sense how really stupid things are and so easily fixed till money gets involved. It’s all about money, not life. When you read about two or four year olds killing their siblings, you wonder what kind of a parent or guardian is that frickin stupid.

        Without access to a weapon, nothing so heinous as taking a life could happen.  Thats why they make safes, locks and other determents to having a finger on a trigger.

MICKEY MOUSE WAS UNARMED - When children die from a  gunshot there is one commonality - That child did not walk into a Firearms Dealer or Store, present his Mickey Mouse Club Membership card and purchase a weapon with marbles.  Someone had a hand, usually a friend or adult  in ending this child’s life or his siblings life due to neglectful actions by the other person. Blame it on ….

PARENTAL STUPIDITY - Ignorance of gun safety , placement, under lock and key,  access to children etc.  Some people have acquired guns with no training, nor a knowledge of laws pertaining to their weapon.  Gun shows with four hour licensing to carry promotions are money makers and potential killers walking around.  You can learn to shoot , carry a gun, make decisions under stress, untrained and be considered safe.

When I was a range officer with Combat training, I knew limitations, and stopped a few potential accidents from happening.

ANOTHER PROBLEM IS GENETICS - Parents who want children to be just like Dad, only Dads never truly embraced safety.  It’s a right of passage in some societies. Mentions it once goes to the range, and forgets everything.  Most likely he is the same party teaching his children guns are macho, manly and so forth. 

A REAL CULPRIT IS THE MEDIA, TELEVISION, COMPUTER GAMES, AND REAL WAR Another problem is the media exposure.  The news media doesn’t do enough to promote gun safety, the TV has entertainment shows are mostly shooting and violence and lets face it we live in a country with 340 million people and about two guns for everyone. Having an ongoing war for 13 years certainly qualifies as one of the main endorsers of violence.

AND NUMBER ONE ON MY HIT LIST ARE COMPUTER GAMES - Where you reboot and re-life certainly sends a bad message. Dead kids don’t get up for another round.  Thats an 8 year old at the NRA show.


SUTHERLAND SPRINGS CHURCH - Twenty-three people died inside the church, which has a small sanctuary with wooden pews and red carpeting.  Two died outside the church and one at the hospital.  Twenty-six in all, so far and one family lost eight people.  It was one shooter, one AR-15, and a massacre, one of the worst in Texas history.

The shooter was first spotted at a Valero gas station, at about 11:20 a.m. local time.  The suspect crossed the street, towards the church and began firing before he entered the church.  He moved to the right side of the building and continued to fire as he entered.

David Flores’s father saw the shooter - People covered in blood and screaming. It was pandemonium everywhere." 

As the shooter left the church, a local resident used their own rifle to engage him, Martin said.  He commandeered a car and driver, and pursued the gunman who dropped his weapon and then fled, it turned into a brief chase into the neighboring Guadalupe County. 

The Driver:  “ The gentleman that was with me got out and rested his rifle on my hood and kept it aimed at him [shooter], telling him to get out. There was no movement, there was none of that. I just know his brake lights were going on and off, so he might've been unconscious from the crash or something like that. I’m not sure."  Langendorff said he and the resident didn’t say much because “he was shaken up." 

The Shooter:  Kelley was court-martialed in 2012 for assault on his spouse and assault on their child, served a year in confinement and received a bad conduct discharge,according to Stefanek. Kelley the spokeswoman said. His rank was also reduced, she said.  At least two of these counts should have prevented him from owning a firearm.  This required a federal investigation. The Air Force was negligent.

A nine year old was arrested by local police in my town in the Tampa Bay area when the bus driver saw a gun in this kids pocket and radioed law enforcement.  It was a two shot Derringer in a 45 plus caliber, a common back up pocket weapon commonly carried in bear country.  Had he fired it the results would have been devastating.  The kid went to juvenile hall and under Florida law the parent(s) will be charged.  By rights the child can even be taken away from the parents.

MAY 2016
Florida-My local paper tells me this week alone two children in separate accidents under the age of six managed to find loaded guns in their home left unlocked, unguarded and the children  killed themselves.  One was four and one was five.   Parents at fault.

APRIL 2016 - Another unsecured loaded gun found it’s way into the hands of a five year old boy who shot his 4 year old sister to death.  State laws will dictate trial of the parent under neglect and the accessible gun laws.  Regardless it won’t bring back the child.  Parents at fault.

Months ago, the very pretty and not too bright Jamie Gilt, 31, a mother, self-adored model, actress, story teller, high-profile pro-gun activist, prosecuted shop-lifter, self made celebrity facebook advocate, and Twitter no-brainer was shot in the back by her four year old boy after spending her motherly time grandstanding probably looking for some publicity or a job from the NRA.  

A real gun advocate, suffering from Palin’s Disease**,  she bragged about she’s teaching her 4 year old how to shoot.  It appears she never graduated the four year old course on being a good mother.  

** Palins Disease:  A severe mental disorder when your brain starts to shrink and mouth becomes a fluid dissertation of random bullshit, untreatable, and contagious to family members.  ( Imagine if that bunch of hillbillies lived in the Vice presidential quarters, Holy Sh•t) 

While driving through Putnam County, Jacksonville, Florida, on Tuesday, she was shot in the back by her four-year-old son after he found her pistol lying on the back seat of her truck.   It was posted just 24 hours after she boasted about his shooting skills online. This is true, he is very skilled at four, he center massed the target at almost two feet. Good job Jamie!

She reportedly believes she has the right to shoot anyone who threatens her family - and plans to teach her offspring the same mentality.   Obviously her 4 year old believed that and shot Mom. In truth, the moron Mom is a threat to their family.

Jamie is expected to face a misdemeanor charge of allowing a minor access to a firearm, authorities said Tuesday.  The Putnam County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday filed an affidavit with local prosecutors asking that Gilt be charged with the second-degree misdemeanor, which carries a penalty of up to 180 days in jail, Capt. Gator DeLoach told reporters.

And not to say she’s an angel…  In 2013, Jamie Gilt, 30, was arrested by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department on April 4, 2013 for shoplifting.  The prominent gun rights activist was spotted stuffing children’s clothes into her purse and hiding the bag in the child’s stroller. Officers released her on a bond of $2,503 pending a court hearing.  

APRIL 2016
MILWAUKEE - The family of 26-year-old Patrice Price continues to cope with her death, they’re asking for the community's support. The young mother of three was shot and killed by her own two-year-old son, whom officials say got hold of a gun. 

According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 26, Price was driving a vehicle -- headed southbound on Highway 175 in Milwaukee.  At Vliet, her two-year-old son fired a gun through the back of the driver's seat -- the bullet striking and killing Price.  Officials said the gun apparently slid out from under the driver’s seat.

The 26-year-old Milwaukee woman was driving her boyfriend’s car. The bullet went through the driver’s seat and hit Price in the back.   Price had borrowed a car from her boyfriend, a security guard, because hers had been stolen four days earlier. When her car was stolen, the car seats for her sons — the 2-year-old and a 1-year-old — were also stolen, said Stewart.

MAY 2013
OKLAHOMA - Saylor Martine, of Oklahoma, fifteen, died after she was shot in the head while toying with a firearm.  She was with her sister.  The culprit, according to the police, a semi-auto owned by her parents. 

It was purchased by Mom for her own protection.  So the story goes, she and her sister had been handling the gun when they placed it down on a counter, where it discharged.  

I call her the girl with angel eyes, how tragic.  No one believes the gun went off by itself.  But I’m sure there is enough grief to go around, and the Sheriff is hesitant is doing anything about it.  He spoke and thought it was a gun defect.  

The Sheriff is not doing his job.  Obviously there is more to this. An accident means no one is charged, especially the only one who knows the truth. The sister or possibly the mother, knows the truth but a child is dead and someone was very negligent.  The mother should be charged, and the child will have to live with it.


Christopher Bizilj - A family man goes to a gun show in his small New England town of Westfield, MA with his son and a camera. It was co-sponsored by the local traffic ticketing Sheriff who had a financial consideration (sponsor and partner) in the show.  

With an illegal, non-certified, underage 14- year old “Instructor” watching,  the 8-year-old boy at the gun fair aimed a full auto Uzi submachine gun at a pumpkin and pulled the trigger as his dad reached for a camera.  The 14 year old “Instructor”  Michael Spano had told the father he didn’t think this was safe.  But Dad insisted.  Thats the key for the acquittal!


The father, who is a Doctor no less, dismissed the youth instructors advice, and insisted giving his permission for his son to fire the weapon.  This is the cause, the single act of stupidity of not being familiar with the mini-Uzi,  arrogance probably like most doctors who think a lot of themselves insisting, beyond immagination that assumed as fourteen year old be allowed a position, as non-certified range officer.

The family is seeking damages from the range for four million dollars. Good luck.

If I was on the jury, and I have been key witnesses to stupidity before, this one takes the award. I am not condoning what the sheriff and other promotors did, and certainly safety issues were not in effect BUT the responsibility for the action was a elf inflicted wound.there were 

any time I had spent on juries, if I was the judge the father would be on trial, but being stupid is not a reasonable charge.

Christopher's father, Dr. Charles Bizilj, insisted that his son be allowed to fire the automatic weapon,  Michael Spano told the court. Spano was 15 at the time of the 2008 Massachusetts gun expo and was put in charge of allowing people to fire the 9 mm Micro Uzi, a submachine gun that fires 20 rounds a second.  

These photo shots, of poor quality were screen shots off you tube, and please understand they are not here for any reason other than education.  Parents who think kids need Uzi lessons or the thrill thereof from firing weapons strictly made for killing people should have their brains examined and the possibility of being charged with negligence, possibly children taken away from them.

It was his first time shooting a fully automatic gun, and anyone who has ever fired an UZI,  Scorpion or Scepter know these things have the muzzle rise of an ATLAS rocket for the untrained and very high cyclic rate.    

It was too much for the 8-year old boy, simply the weapon had too much muzzle rise for him and he shot literally shot his own head off while his Dad proudly filmed this important event.  It was a day in the life of his child. Unfortunately, the end of it...   
No one got charged.  

LEGALITIES STEP IN - Now gun safety experts — and some at the club where the shooting happened — are wondering why such a young child was allowed, permitted, in the same range, in the same field, at the same gun range to fire a full auto weapon used in war.  The answer is simple, just follow the money.   Lots of money changes hands at gun shows,  a gun show, lots of vendors showing their wares, you don’t have to be an idiot to figure that one out.  

And the sheriff put it together as the promoter.   Local, state and federal authorities are also investigating whether everyone involved had proper licenses or if anyone committed a criminal act.  I hope he’s not a Sheriff anymore, it was his watch, not just on his watch, he was the organizer and the top of the food chain of responsibility.

Most prosecutors are elected or appointed officials and the lobbies are very powerful.   Especially if it is against the sheriff and friends.  My instincts tell me with the father bypassing the safety warning even by a non-certified instructor and insisting kills any part of a case.

"This was meant to be an educational event for people and unfortunately this terrible accident happened," Fleury said, his voice heavy with emotion. 

Christopher's father, Charles Bizilj, was present at the time of the shooting and videotaped the entire incident.  Parts of that tape were shown to the jury, which also heard emotional testimony from the father. The trial lasted 10 days.

Former Pelham, Mass., police chief Edward Fleury is on trial for the boy's death because he organized the gun expo. He is charged with involuntary manslaughter. He has pleaded not guilty.

Carl Giuffre and Domenico Spano have also been charged in connection with the incident. The two were in charge of the show's shooting range and are accused of having provided the Uzi that killed Christopher Bizilj.  Prosecutor William Bennett said he will decide next week whether to proceed with the case against them, given Fleury’s

The most dramatic moment of the trial came Thursday when the court watched video recorded by Charles Bizilj of the boy handling the gun. The father, who was on the stand at the time, closed his eyes as the video showed the boy struggling to handle the gun's recoil. The barrel reared up and shot the boy in the head. The court room gasped and the boy’s mother left the courtroom in tears.

VERDICT: Springfield, Massachusetts (CNN) -- A former police chief was found not guilty Friday of involuntary manslaughter in the 2008 death of an 8-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself with a micro Uzi machine gun during a gun show.  Former Pelham, Massachusetts, Police Chief Edward Fleury, 53, was also acquitted of three counts of furnishing a machine gun to a minor in connection with the show that he helped organize. 

Fleury faced up to 20 years in prison if convicted of involuntary manslaughter and up to 10 years for each count of furnishing a machine gun to a minor.  His lawyer, Rosemary Scapicchio, had argued that while Fleury helped organize the show, he wasn't directly responsible and hadn't actually given guns to the children there.

Carl Giuffre and Domenico Spano have also been charged in connection with the incident. The two were in charge of the show’s shooting range and are accused of having provided the Uzi that killed Christopher Bizilj. 

The lawyer for Carl Giuffre, one of three men charged with involuntary manslaughter in the 2008 gun show death of 8-year-old Christopher Bizilj, said Tuesday dropping the charges against his client was “the right call” in the interests of justice.  Involuntary manslaughter charges were dropped against Giuffre. 

“Our position was that it was a horrific, tragic accident,” Phillips said.  Motions to drop the prosecution, known as “nolle prosequi” filings, were presented on Tuesday in Hampden Superior Court in the cases of Giuffre and Domenico Spano. 

Former Hampden District Attorney William M. Bennett, who served as special prosecutor, said the cases will not be pursued because of the jury’s findings in the Fleury case. Fleury was acquitted of involuntary manslaughter in the Oct. 26, 2008, fatal accident at a machine gun expo at the Westfield Sportsman’s Club.

Spano and Giuffre were not charged with furnishing machine guns to minors. In the motions to drop prosecution, Bennett, who was district attorney when the cases were presented to a grand jury, wrote that the jury in Fleury’s case determined the former chief was not criminally reckless.   Testimony at Fleury’s trial showed the accident occurred while the boy was being supervised by a 15-year-old who did not have a machine gun license and was not a certified instructor. 

PHOENIX - The 9-year-old girl who accidentally shot and killed a firing range instructor with an Uzi last week told her mother immediately afterward that the gun was too powerful for her and that it had hurt her shoulder, according to a Mohave County Sheriff’s Office report released Tuesday.  The family huddled around the girl, fearing she was injured.

They did not realize that instructor Charles Vacca, 39, was wounded fatally until another employee ran over, according to the report.  After realizing what had occurred, the girl's parents immediately removed her and their other two children from the property and brought them to the nearby restaurant so they wouldn't see what happened, the report states.

The New Jersey family had been vacationing in Las Vegas and on Aug. 25 was shuttled to Bullets and Burgers, the firing range at Last Chance property in White Hills, Ariz.  The girl's father was the first to fire the weapon, a mini Uzi 9mm, and then the girl took her turn. With the girl’s mother recording, Vacca showed the 9-year-old how to stand and shoot the gun, allowing her to fire a few rounds.  The second incident of parents filming the death of someone by a minor.

At this point Vacca switched the gun into its automatic setting, according to a deputy who would later view the mother's video.  “(The father) said all of a sudden he heard a lot of rounds fire and saw (his daughter) drop the gun to the ground," the report states.  Range instructor Ross Miller witnessed the incident, and told deputies that he saw the girl start to shoot the weapon, and the recoil sent it straight up into the air and "crossed the path where Charles had his head," the report stated.

Medical personnel arrived transporting him to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas via helicopter. Vacca passed away shortly thereafter, according to the report.  Deputies were instructed to retrieve copies of the release waivers signed by the family, but were told by employees that the waivers had blown away after the incident.  But prosecutors are not filing charges in the case.  Because the mistake was made by the instructor who is dead.

•  In Kentucky, a five year old, just given a rifle, a sort of rite of passage in some families, left out in the open in a corner of the room, loaded and he proceeded to shoot his sister who was four.

•  3 year old Had Speights, accidentally shot and killed himself last month with his uncle’s handgun, which he found in a backpack.

•  Jarvis Jackson (1) was accidentally shot and killed by a boy (4) last month after their baby sitter brought a handgun to the house for personal protection and then fell asleep after leaving the gun loaded and unsecured on the kitchen table.

•  4-year-old Cody Ryan Hall, who accidentally shot and killed himself in April with a family owned handgun he found in an unlocked gun case.

APRIL 2013
TOMS RIVER,  NJ - A six-year-old Toms River New Jersey boy accidentally shot by Brandon Holt, 4-year-old neighbor on Monday night, has died.  Police said Holt was shot in the head by his friend after the younger boy went into his home on McCormick Avenue and somehow got his hands on a .22-caliber rifle. 

The boy found the rifle under a bed.  Police said the 4-year-old then went outside and accidentally shot the 6-year-old, who was sitting in a quad nearby.  The boy’s father, Anthony Senatore, was arrested and charged.

Mr, Senatore 35, of McCormick Drive who accepted responsibility for the fatal shooting of his 6-year-old neighbor by his 4-year-old son, was sentenced Thursday to three years in prison for leaving the loaded rifle that killed the boy unsecured and accessible to the children in his home.

Before Anthony Senatore,, was sentenced for his role in the 2013 shooting death of Brandon Holt, he told Superior Court Judge Wendel E. Daniels that his lapse in judgment will haunt two families forever.

JUNE 2013
TEXAS: JOHNSON COUNTY - Emilee Bates was flown to John Peter Smith Hospital Tuesday night after her 19-year-old step-brother accidentally fired his AK-47 while attempting to clean it.   Bates died in surgery at the hospital.   He forgot he had a loaded magazine in the AK-47” when he pulled the trigger, shooting the girl,  on her 13th birthday.
Cause:  This immature, negligent individual must not watch much news.  But the problem here was training, discipline not following rules, and stupidity.  Cleaning guns, handling guns have protocols established years ago, They are simple make sense and avoid accidents.

Turn off TV, any distractions or the computer, unless it is instructional, send young kids elsewhere to play. They don’t need to know anything about what you are doing, till they are mature enough.

Rule One - Remove any magazines or clips from the weapon.

Rule Two - Clearing the chamber of any rounds, do it twice, double check,  Auto leave slide back,  revolver open

Rule Three - Remove the ammo from the room or lock it up.  

Rule Four -  Don’t point gun at anyone, finger off the trigger.

Rule Five - Three is finger off trigger unless checking trigger pull and then aim at the floor away from anything. 

Rule Six - Frickin idiots should not have guns, If you suspect you are an idiot, let the gunsmith show you how to clean it.  Rule Seven -  Weapons have to be secure, especially with kids in the house they find everything, almost every tragedy shown here involved an adult who was negligent, and a child who was vigilant in being nosy or curious.

He accidentally shot and killed his 13-year-old step-sister on her birthday while he was cleaning his AK-47.  Emilee Bates was shot once in the stomach by 19-year-old Austin McCord in their home near Joshua, Texas on Tuesday evening as he attempted to remove rounds from his weapon, authorities said.

He immediately hit a home alarm system to notify law enforcement and six minutes later - 
at 8.11pm - sheriff’s deputies arrived to find McCord holding his sister's wound.  She was airlifted to hospital in Fort Worth, but died at about 10pm on Tuesday.

Investigators said McCord had two dummy rounds above his loaded magazine. He ejected these rounds and thought he was making the weapon safe by pulling the trigger to drop the bolt on an empty chamber - but forgot he had a loaded magazine in the gun and it discharged.

I guess the Dallas man who rushed his bloody grandson to the hospital pays more attention in the future to good gun control.  It does not refer to how to hold a weapon. It refers to how to properly store a weapon so a four year old can’t shoot himself.   He is  fortunate as his 4-year-old grandson, who was visiting his home Wednesday, found a loaded handgun beneath a pillow. The little boy shot himself in the shoulder and survived BUT... history repeats itself...

A 4-year-old boy who shot himself at his grandparents’ northwest Harris County home has died, family members confirmed Thursday. The family of Bryson Hernandez released a statement through Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

“Bryson, our sweet little boy who was loved by everyone he ever met, passed away earlier today and we are utterly heartbroken," his family said. The hospital and Sheriffs officials confirmed he was the boy who shot himself.

Authorities arrived at the Cypress home in the 15400 block of Redbud Berry Way shortly after midnight on Tuesday. Bryson was breathing and unresponsive. He was rushed to the Texas Medical Center where he remained until his death.

Bryson was visiting his grandparents at their home. Harris County sheriff's officials said they were "cooperating with investigators fully." The findings will be forwarded to a Harris County grand jury.

Children’s Protective Services also will investigate, but CPS officials said in the past the agency hasn't had any dealings with the family.  Bryson loved and was devoted to two things - his family, especially his sisters, and Iron Man - his favorite superhero.

“He looked up to Iron Man because he was strong, fearless and he dedicated his life to helping others," the family said in the statement.  CPS officials want to find out how Bryson was able to gain access to the gun. 

Adults can be prosecuted for making a firearm accessible to a child, a misdemeanor charge.  In the statement released Thursday, family members said they hoped Bryson's death would be a reminder to families with firearms in the home.

“Always check to make sure you know where your guns are and that they are safely out of reach of children, not loaded and locked away," the statement said.  Bryson, who fought for his life with the bravery of Iron Man, will now save the lives of other children as an organ donor.  Family members said he will soon be laid to rest in his Iron Man costume.

"We know he wouldn't have had it any other way," they said.