In a materialistic world, next to my MAC computers, I jokingly valued my personal defense weapons the most, because of what I write as a consumerist.  When you write critically about those in Politics, Bad Food as a critic, False Prophets, and Fake Evangelicals who are involved in politics, this writer might just need a backup just in case.  It’s all about and follow the money.  This article is abbreviated.  It explains my out look. If you are interested in the other ten pages, I will be more than happy to PDF you.   

The NRA didn’t do too bad with 7,000,000 members at $30.00 each plus donations from corporate gun manufacturers. There are better uses for these funds, real people in need especially those wounded or lost a loved one to a shooting or mass murder event 

Your frickin money went for bribes of our politicians. These positions are all based on lies, positions of no significance and some really stupid followers doing some really stupid things. 

You really can get rich, ask Wayne LaPierre by telling little white lies and his successor, OLLIE NORTH another dribbler  ( not exactly the truth)  of fact and fiction from the Reagan Administration.

From a certain angle, North’s ascension is a peculiar choice for the NRA, both given the current political moment and given North’s own history. North came to national prominence in the Iran-Contra affair, in which the US illegally sold weapons to Iran—violating an arms embargo—then funneled the proceeds to the Contras, who were fighting Ortega’s left-wing government. 

I spent years and lots of dollars as a dedicated competitive shooter earning points, not kills, in state and regional events for the sport of it.  The combat defense side, rifle and some simple sniper training was provided by the Armed Services, and shortly enhanced by IPSIC, and as a certified range officer.  I loaded my own ammunition, in Dillion setups and LEE and MEC brand for shotgun.  I was fully emerged as club secretary and the NRA was in a leadership role at one time in the shooting sports, not anymore. I really liked the sporting clays and skeet shooting.  Less running for tired legs.

I retired from competition some years ago, my age and related arthritis told me I was done, it means slower reflexes and I couldn’t compete against the kids anymore.  The long rifle and the shotgun were edging me into a condition called TMJ by displacing the cheekbones my right side.  Pain led to headaches and when I stopped shooting long guns the pain vanished.   I still use my handguns and retrain once a month at the range with Glocks, Rugers and Colts keeping fit.

I worked on charity events for the women’s sporting foundation, potentially meeting some of the younger shooters priming for the Olympics.

I shot sporting clays with the bear, General Norman Schwartzkoph, one hell of a shooter.  

I met with the Beretta family, even got a hat and borrowed a 20,000 dollar shotgun and fired it on one stage.  I was ready to sell the house and get one.   Then I was introduced to Louise  Mandrell, an American country music singer. She is the younger sister of fellow country singer Barbara Mandrell, and older sister of actress Irlene Mandrell. 

I loved the game, the competition and as club VP created websites for the industry in the days when the computer was born and supported one company on the web for 34 years.   

When children stated dieing in numbers all over the country at school shootings, the NRA and me parted company.  I felt and saw no compassion for dead children, no support, no condemnation, excuses commonly used like the gun didn’t do it, and the usual NRA propaganda song.  This is what I dreaded, no compassion, just greed, and lies, that I would not support.

The usual lies for more money, Barack was going to take your guns away, high cap mag ban and the other propaganda soft minds believe. I lost interest with the bullshit from those in the industry just as ingrown with party beliefs as their own knowing it’s all false.  Those who oriented themselves and took bribes and don’t listen to their constituents.  

I support the second amendment when it protects people, but not when it is abused and lied about.   The amendment is a very relative suggestion, all the amendments have lines of reason.  You may own a gun but not a rocket launcher, nor a grenade. (They never mentioned the military weapons as sporters)

Gun ownership is a privilege, not an excuse, and safety and proper usage is it’s defining role. I cried when I saw what happened to those children having kids in that school range, and middle to high school, and thinking it can’t get worse, I was wrong.  When you knew one of those kids, you take it personally.

It has happened again and again and in my own state three times. Now adding 17 more to the carnage enough is enough.  It is a time for action not words, it has turned me against the lies and the politicians bought off by the gun lobby.

One picture here is significant, the guy in the grey shirt shooting an M-16 Shorty with picatinny rails, forward assist, small scope, collapse stock IS ME   

35+ years ago when the shorty or correctly designated the M-4 carbine prototype was being field tested, a privilege and had not been issued as yet. Let me explain, the guy in the picture has hair, dark and plenty of it and during the test it was referred to as the M-17.  

Thirty-five years ago I had dark hair, now what little is left comes from a tube of that new dye shampoo, which is great both as a shampoo and for color rejuvenation.  I played with and analyzed the improvements to the kit, the  M4-A1 was   smaller, lighter just as accurate with the improved barrel changes, better ammo.  

I cleared my targets in seconds , this beast was fast and accurate and light.  I wanted one, but since I was not planning on shooting three gun nor lots of people, I  didn’t need one.  Once again practicality overcame wants and needs prevailed, I bought in on another airplane. A really nice PA-28 four place Cherokee 160.

I was a life member of the NRA, and quit when they became political hacks, liars, story tellers and bribery became their main calling with your dues being given to politicians.  Years ago, I forget exactly, maybe late 80’s at an NRA rally in Tampa,  I was a member and believer in the NRA and asked to and addressed with several other speakers, the mostly adult crowd at the Tampa police Range, now closed, some in semi military uniforms with cute children in matching camos and cowboy boots.  This is the South, and dress for success has some unique codes and some very strange members.  

The crowd was pretty well charged up.  My turn to speak and I defended our rights under the second amendment and basic Republican principles of self determination and, I promoted the NRA,  and then:

  • I asked them to raise their hands and show their membership card  if they supported the NRA, hands went up. 
  • I asked them to hold up their drivers license’s, most raised their hands with licenses.
  • I asked them if they had a credit card, yes, hands went up about half. The other half had checks.
  • Then I asked them to hold up their Voter Registration cards… and it was pathetic.  

Its simple, the NRA lobbyist group exists because our Congressmen take their bribes.  And refuse to discuss gun control or create false narratives claiming it is not the time.  Blaming it on anything they can other than truth, mental health, climate change, the Russian hoax, ingrown toenails, and bone spurs, alone kept these celebrity hair-do’s out of the military and many of them are into pubic service instead of public service.

Our Coward Commander TRUMP “  who claimed he unarmed was going to run into the school to save the children”.  Bullshit, he never served, he was a five time draft dodger with medical offs payed for by daddy.  Just like our Secretary of the Interior Zilke who had a nervous condition and avoided the draft.  Trump attended a military school, his military academy friends thought he had shiniest shoes in the brigade.  Other comments using words we cannot repeat.  He thought they loved him...

GOP politicians,  If they vote positive for  gun control the NRA will spend their money on votes against them in their next re-election.  So who controls gun control, the scumbags at the NRA and the Congress.  Children die and they do nothing.  They just put millions in their pockets, and those with death of loved ones get the usual  “  thoughts and prayers”.

Mitch McConnell, the obstructor of the Senate who gets a real biggie from the NRA,  Paul Ryan who organizes the bills that don’t make it to the Congress floor.  But tripled his wealth since he has been in Congress. He getting out, to be with family, I don’t believe it, he’s getting out because the sh*t is about to hit the fan when the tax bill starts to connect in a very bad way.

$5,900,000  Given to Republicans in 2016 election cycle,   $106,000 given to Democrats in 2016 election cycle.  The Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan think tank that tracks money in politics, found that in 2016 more than half of the members of the House of Representatives — or 232 of the 435 — received money from gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America. That money went disproportionately to Republicans. Only nine Democrats received campaign contributions from these groups.  POLITICO tallied contributions to representatives after Speaker of the House, Paul

Since 2004, the group has averaged about $128 million a year in total membership revenue. But that number has varied from $72 million in 2006 to $228 million in 2007, a peak it hasn’t come close to matching since.   Membership revenue seems to spike following mass shootings and the resultant national discussions about gun control and gun rights. For instance, that 2007 peak came in the year that a gunman murdered 32 people on the campus of Virginia Tech. 

And in 2013, membership revenue increased by 63 percent over the previous year, following the killings of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in late 2012.  Membership revenue declined slightly in 2016, the most recent year for which IRS data is available. The group also raised the price of annual memberships that year, which may have something to do with the decline.


NOTE: Some pictures here are very graphic, I do not wish to offend, but they relate to the pain and suffering when good people especially the young are killed by negligence, ignorance, and stupidity...of the adults around them whose job was to protect them,  and in some cases worse as another innocent child involved may suffer from the guilty consequence for the rest of their life.  In all these cases the BLAME falls on the parent period, no excuses.  I have archived the video pictures, I do not care to show them.

In almost all the cases with the exception of mass murders, terrorists and the demented, an act by an adult of negligence resulted in the loss of a child,  I cannot keep it in, this is so hurting not only to those involved but to those who care about others, especially about the children who will not see another day in their young lives because of a failure by a parent, an adult or someone in politics that was heavily bribed by the gun lobby namely the NRA.  

The NRA is the prime arm of the gun lobby.  They BRIBE the politicians to support the gun manufacturers and protect them from any and all congressional action against gun control.  Then the politicians now owned by the NRA refuses to listen to his or her constituents of their district and even the NRA members in their districts who voted and agreed that, who agreed more control is needed and positive controls about gun storage and safety.

IDIOTS BEHIND THE WHEEL It’s a social issue, the guns are not the problems, as the expression goes, it’s the idiot behind the wheel, the finger on the trigger, and gross neglect.  Weapons don’t have brains, children don’t know consequence, and neither do some of the parents. 

They don’t “go off” of their own accord. They go off when left around, when accessible, when someone not mature or trained gets his or her hands on one, when parents are neglectful.  When you read some of these accounts, you sense how really stupid things are and so easily fixed till money gets involved. It’s all about money, not life. When you read about two or four year olds killing their siblings, you wonder what kind of a parent or guardian is that frickin stupid.

        Without access to a weapon, nothing so heinous as taking a life could happen.  Thats why they make safes, locks and other determents to having a finger on a trigger.

1 - MICKEY MOUSE WAS UNARMED - When children die from a  gunshot there is one commonality - That child did not walk into a Firearms Dealer or Store, present his Mickey Mouse Club Membership card and purchase a weapon with marbles.  Someone had a hand, usually a friend or adult  in ending this child’s life or his siblings life due to neglectful actions by the other person. Blame it on ….

2 - PARENTAL STUPIDITY - Ignorance of gun safety , placement, under lock and key,  access to children etc.  Some people have acquired guns with no training, nor a knowledge of laws pertaining to their weapon.  Gun shows with four hour licensing to carry promotions are money makers and potential killers walking around.  You can learn to shoot, carry a gun, make decisions under stress, untrained and be considered safe.

When I was a range officer with Combat training, I knew limitations, and stopped a few potential accidents from happening.

3 - ANOTHER PROBLEM IS GENETICS - Parents who want children to be just like Dad, only Dads never truly embraced safety.  It’s a right of passage in some societies. Mentions it once goes to the range, and forgets everything.  Most likely he is the same party teaching his children guns are macho, manly and so forth. 

4 - A REAL CULPRIT IS THE MEDIA, TELEVISION, COMPUTER GAMES, AND REAL WAR Another problem is the media exposure.  The news media doesn’t do enough to promote gun safety, the TV has entertainment shows are mostly shooting and violence and lets face it we live in a country with 340 million people and about two guns for everyone. Having an ongoing war for 13 years certainly qualifies as one of the main endorsers of violence.

5 - AND NUMBER ONE ON MY HIT LIST ARE COMPUTER GAMES - Where you reboot and re-life certainly sends a bad message. Dead kids don’t get up for another round.  Thats an 8 year old at the NRA show.

I write a lot about GUNs and MORONS  and for a list of topics,
  I have articles in PDF for you to enjoy , just ask.