FARCE-BOOK and NITWIT’S, et al, ALLSTATE, and a few others

You let things slide and then things pile up, you get up 4:00 AM, brain going full bore, and after two cups of Hazelnut coffee, I made a strong decision today.  It comes after two days of assessing, and getting up at four AM, I realized there must be something,  possibly a subconscious thing bugging my brain.

Assessing is when you wake up to real priorities and you start to unload the massive amount of junk we accumulate.  Either way whether it had to go in terms of time or money being wasted, I felt a need to unload.  Time is money and at my age I have to value it even more.

I had enough with social media, a few corporations I assisted,  and frankly happy to see them all go, I do not agree with their current philosophies and a lot of wasted time.  I picked back up 6-8 hours of weekly work now tuned to recreation, I was tired of their changes and debatable usefulness to me.  Some of it was political and against my core values.

For starters, I eliminated my accounts with Facebook and Twitter, one other is in jeopardy.  The amount of stalkers, fake friends, friend counters, friends of friends mostly got categorized under ACQUAINTANCES.  The other headache was the garbage that comes with it, never asked for, never solicited... I got more propositions than the state of California who always has propositions about something. You get spammed to death. 

My rate of emails jumped 150% and with worthless spam, and enough drugs to avoid open heart surgery, how to get better prostate gland care, remove fungus from my toes, avoid incontinence and for sociality a guarantee to create an erection that would reach to the stratosphere, with assistance from the local pole dancers and porno queens, complete with dating sites in my local neighborhood.  

The ads never stopped even with blockers and then phone calls for trips, hotel deals and cruises.  Hint: many of them are scams and one reported emanating from Orlando Florida grossed 24 million dollars before closing up.  I got ads from places that said I had signed up for their exclusive offers.  Someone sold my name to these organizations.

Good guys:  Expedia does a good job for the hotels that are for me, and  have two other places I can get deals through because of organizations I do belong to, and as for Cruises, I prefer Princess Cruise Lines.  Article:  BEST CRUISE EVER

Now when I go to a new website and they want me to register, I may choose not to and find another source.  My business, professional, charitable, inventive and journalistic has a select  group of people and vendors I deal with.  It’s keeping up with it and it is a seven day a week schedule.  

I have seven websites and two support 501(C) (3) charitable functions and I get enough mail thank you. I am now going through my hit list on the second purge of useless signups and websites, so much I’m renaming my main machine MAC light.

The amount of mail I get in one day is enough to drive one crazy.  And I have to sort it from real news I get from people important to me.  The biggest sellers of your data ( forget about promises they make, about privacy, thats horseshit) hacked or otherwise are Yahoo, Hotmail and Google.  

After going with Google because of an Android tablet I won , I got a million offers I never asked for and about to give it away. If I keep Google, their position will be reduced.  The position of the tablet after I can hack it (Found the clues on the web) getting rid of Sprints coding will be for TV use.   So much for website registrations, other than PRIME on Amazon few give you anything for loyalty and lots of vulnerability.

So far with the new blocker and resignations I have cut my spamming in half, now I seriously working on the other half.  

I’ll probably live longer taking a good walk, go fishing, using and bettering myself in photoshop, writing, creating newsworthy stories, and taking pictures.  So to all my real friends and people who buy my products, and charitable business associates you know how to contact me and I appreciate your friendship.  I deleted my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts so go back to the old way, pick up a phone, find me with a text, or email and no more sharing.

No more browsing updates, getting friend requests, and receiving a whole bunch of useless knowledge and wonderful pictures of those I rarely knew, didn’t know, or I really couldn’t care less about, like pet pictures, someone sent them, and they forwarded it, just a lazy form of communication, or your latest BFF.  

Not their pets, but videos floating in the internet pets arena, cute and forwarded.  A great effort, one click and you sent your friend some joy.   Kittens are cuddly and if you love them that much show me  your receipt for the one you adopted from animal rescue. Thats how you get my kitten respect.  What volunteer work have any of you done for our furry and feathered friends.

We are all hoarders, some of us get out of hand and require intervention. I love stuff but how many sets of Knives, custom Chefs knives do I really need. Never used, a complete Shun, Kramer, Ken Onion set.   I was a collector.  90% are up for sale. Camera gear, lots of it because it’s my business and duplicates of duplicates, all immaculate but not essential.  Mostly Sony and Metz. pro stuff.   Sooner or later I will downsize tools , racing gear etc, some aircraft tools used on my airplanes , which are gone now.  Age  does that and it will be easier getting rid of toys, tools and trial friends,  but not essentials.

Definitively speaking, friends, real friends call me, a person’s voice is more important to me than a cryptic message that requires more steps than picking up a phone and handling things like just hanging up on you.

Some of my friends, really FB acquaintances posted few interesting links that I would bother to follow.   I never or rarely commented on status updates or links because the topic had no interest to me.  Most of my Facebook time was surfing  the garbage dump of ads and photos and updates about nothing.

My time is valuable to me.  My layers of communication are valuable.  My cellphone went off a hundred times a day with news, duplicated, replicated and wows from  people who made it a one sided conversation.  And every time Donald Dork had a tweet fart, my phone beeped.  Topics not connecting with me, not sharing and wasting time keeping up with people I really had no reason to call on the phone,  or invite over for dinner, I love company, cooking and a good time with friends.  When there is a reason, friendship, business, discussion, insight or commonality, they are welcome.

Birthday posts are nice but the only reason you got them was Face Book told you about it.  Otherwise wall to wall posts congratulating someone who is a year older, only means they have been lucky enough to not get killed texting while driving to thank everybody who robotically wished them a happy birthday. And nothing is more warming than getting a birthday wish from someone who hasn’t bothered to call you in a decade.

Those calls were the ones you got when someone was involved in a pyramid scam, scheme or whatever and it started with “ I was just thinking about you the other day”.  And then they told about a great thing, fund, medicine, time share, penis enhancer, vitamins, home products, insurance and so forth they are getting rich on and wanted to share with you.  I got in the habit of sharing clicks.  When the phone hangs up. I have a kids toy that sounds like interference, screechy like,  press it to the phone and hang up.

I’d rather give up the acquaintances, the majority of whom I don’t have their phone number and stay a lot closer to those who do mean something and take them to dinner.  Close and intimate. Since I value my news and do get some from the web, I’m dumping my papers home delivery and saved 212 dollars a year!  I get online quicker, and a few other subscriptions and a second phone line, various other ridiculous things I signed up for, I changed insurers and that was an eye opener.

I found Allstate really screwing older drivers.  Im driving 58 years no tickets or accidents bringing my monthly savings dumping a few things no longer needed,  down by 200 dollars a month by simply combining, home, health and auto under a different banner.  I am or actually was Allstate’s older customers.  37 years.  We all get caught up in gotta haves we don’t gotta have. Smart resourcing can give me ten days in Alaska next year and possibly part of a trip to Southeast Asia the following year. I saved 73 dollars a month on insurance alone.  You do the math.

•  A half hour a day is good enough for a quick call, a checkup, a friendly “ How the heck are you” or any one of a million reasons you really care about.
•  Plan an event in my home for those closest to you, no special occasion, no holiday, no formality, find those you really care about and catch up with a few you haven’t seen in a while.
•  Go to the nearest trendy coffee shop, or restaurant, and watch all the people ignoring each other playing with their phones. The smart phone has replaced cigarettes as the number one addition in the US.
•  Better, take a friend for a walk in one of the beautiful local parks, take in the scene and a chance to communicate better since you’ll both turn your phones off.   Thats the kind of closeness thats enduring and developed a deeper relationship with both friends and family.  

•  Those moments are the ones that mean something, you won’t find that on a FB post most of the time the crap the whole world just read.  Scientists after taking a large group, splitting it between a city environment and a park or nature environment  and sent them walking, no cell phones, saw a significant stress differential in those who visited a park vs the city.

PSYCHOLOGISTS HAVING A FIELD DAY  (Much gleaned from a few articles)
Over 33% of Facebook users report feeling unhappy during their visit and envying Facebook “friends” is the major reason for their unhappiness.  We’re susceptible to undue influence of our “so-called friends’” painting hyper glossy representations of themselves.  

Using street language, narcissism is alive and well even though profiles are often nothing more than social billboards and advertising for themselves, think of it as an on line resume writer.  And we all know how accurate they are.  Horseshit is alive and well in America. It’s truly an art form.

People who browse  long hours but do not actively communicate on FB are particularly vulnerable.  Simply put a self -esteem problem and those long hours the higher the likelihood of believing others are happier.  Also the more we FB “friends” we don’t know, the higher the likelihood of believing others are happier adding to depression.

•  This first tip:  Reduce your time on FB. Use a kitchen timer, set for one half hour per day and each day a minute less.

•  Be honest with yourself, express any unhappiness that you may experience while browsing Facebook.

•  Simple replies to friends glorifying themselves will lower the amount of friends you didn’t need anyway
     “ Thats a crock of shit”.

      “Thats not what your wife said”.
      “Did you paint that picture yourself or was it the clever Chimp at the Zoo”.
      “We loved your work, so did the others in Gulag 12.
      “Your Dali Clone painting was beautiful, it belongs in the Louvre in France next to the works of other dead painters”.

•  Just ask Trump how effectual his Nit-Twits are.  He has millions of readers, but doesn’t tell you how many millions are blocked by him.  And thats the stupidity of the system, irrelevant  nasty , foul-mouthed, cretans should be removed but people who simply object to propaganda should be heard.  People who do not share the same viewpoint but do it in a civilized way are the core of the first amendment.  It’s a bad system.

•  You might reply by mentioning something from the past for all to see that might shave a hair off the embellishment of their Facebook profiles.  Something like ‘Was prison really that bad?  You had how many shots for VD the last time?

•  Most of your “friends’” profiles  are from people telling you what they want you to see, rather than how their lives really are. Smart remarks will end that quick.  

 “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”  – Steve Jobs said that.  He was a smart man.

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